ABBA: Song By Song

ABBA: Song by Song

Ian Cole

ISBN: 9781781557853

Published 6 March 2020
Google Play available 23 February
Amazon Kindle available 24 February
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Paperback Available 16 April
Available USA 19 October

Published by Fonthill Media

  • Written by Ian Cole, a lifelong ABBA fan and renowned ABBA expert, who has contributed to many ABBA books, CDs, DVDs and television programme, including official Universal Music releases
  • Information about the writing and recording of ABBA’s biggest hits and hidden gems from their eight studio albums, the reception they had at the time and the legacy today
  • A comprehensive study of every song released by Swedish supergroup ABBA, including those rare songs only performed in concert
  • Details about lesser-known songs performed in concert but never released on record, and those select few songs released in the years after the group had ended
  • Part of the exciting and expanding Song by Song series 

ABBA was the biggest-selling pop group of the 1970s. Between their first single in 1972 and their final singles in 1982, ABBA recorded and released ninety-eight unique songs. In addition, they recorded versions of some of their biggest hits in Swedish, German, French, and Spanish; performed a number of songs in concert that were never released on record; and recorded several songs that did not see the light of day at the time, but have been released from the archives decades after the group ‘took a break’ at the end of 1982. Everyone remembers ABBA’s biggest hits—songs like ‘Waterloo’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, ‘Chiquitita’, and ‘The Winner Takes It All’—but there are many gems to be found on the eight studio albums and thirty-one singles released during the group’s tenure.

ABBA: Song by Song is a look at every single song by the Swedish supergroup, written by a life-long ABBA fan. Find out what inspired the songs, what went into recording them and their impact around the world in the 1970s and 80s and beyond.

About the author:

As a pre-teenager in Australia in 1975, Ian Cole became a lifelong ABBA fan after hearing ‘Mamma Mia’. A highlight of Cole’s life was attending ABBA’s first Australian concert in Sydney in 1977. An acknowledged authority on ABBA, he has contributed to many ABBA projects for more than two decades, including official releases from Universal Music. Cole is a regular columnist in the Official International ABBA Fan Club Magazine and has contributed to DNAand Record Collector magazines.

ISBN-10: 1781557853
ISBN-13: 9781781557853
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